Excellent workmanship begins with the foundation

I went to cemetery on Sunday. The monuments look nothing short of just great! Excellent workmanship begins with the foundations, to the inscriptions and the impeccable installation. 
Thank you Elaine so much for all of your fabulous service and help from start to finish, including your follow up calls. Second to nobody! Your knowledge and ability/eye for honing in on what customer wants, guiding them to achieve that, shows! Having this as your goal ahead of dollar signs, makes you a winner. You cannot fake taking pride in what you do, or liking people and wanting to do a good job for them. That’s you, Elaine! 
Keep doing what you guys are doing. It makes it impossible for clients to go else where. Why would they? There’s no substitution for quality service and quality work. I feel sorry for your competition - - kinda sorta, lol. You and them get what you earn, and deserve!
Thank Tom Cole for me. He is true to the quality and integrity that he and Coles have built their good name and reputation on for the last hundred plus  years. I know this from having worked for his dad John, and in knowing his sister Laurie very well. Both are great people! Having even employed by Pinecrest doing your job, I know enough about your business to be dangerous, lol. All of this to say, Tom Cole to his credit has hired the right person in you’ working and representing his business, in your service to Prescott Memorials clients.
I can tell you, Teresa’ daughter Holly and all of us 5 remaining siblings are extremely happy about Teresa & Joe’s monument as well as making my mom & dad’s stone look like new again. I have since sent pics to family, friends and relatives. I know who we (family) will be coming to for our memorializing services in the future. Really, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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