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Fine Craftsmanship and Attention To Detail For Years.

Prescott Memorials is Proud to Provide Quality Memorials, Markers and Plaques. A family business established in the early 20th century, the company has occupied the same site since 1945. In 2018, upon the retirement of Elizabeth McCooeye, the business was acquired by John Thomas Cole, who promptly restored Prescott Memorials' status as an authorized Rock of Ages retailer, with their products backed by a perpetual guarantee that never expires.  With cremation rates continuing to rise, in 2023 we became an authorized retailer of TRADITIUM™ private family columbarium monuments.  This unique product allows the monument to be both a lasting memorial and a forever place to inter cremated remains above ground.
Tom Cole, a master craftsman with decades of experience in the ancient art of stone carving, has made his work known by setting the standards of excellence. His work can be seen throughout eastern Ontario. He is a proud supporter of the local community and an Ontario Monument Builders Association member in good standing.
We are proud to continue the tradition of giving honest value with quality memorials individually designed, and carefully crafted, worthy of celebrating the life of your loved ones.
Proudly serving the Seaway Valley

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